Nutrition 101

Foods that Heal; Understand Food Understand Your Body

This course breaks down the gigantic world of nutrition in four categories. 

This course will focus on nutrition as a healthy means of understanding food, living with food and utilizing food to maximize the body's health.

Course Curriculum

What's included?

LaShanna Leonard
LaShanna Leonard
Holistic Practitioner, Naturopathic Educator

About the Instructor

It is often said that in order to know what a person believes watch what they do. This can be true of LaShanna Danette Leonard. LaShanna is penned as a Quintessential Entrepreneur and Wellness Wealth Builder. A highly sought after speaker and coach she is swiftly transforming lives through her credibility, character and cause. LaShanna is a graduate of University of Houston and holds a B.A. in Dance & Theater. She is also a certified fitness coach in Personal & Group Training and certified in Nutrition and Holistic Care. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Natural Medicine. She is the proud founder of LaShanna Leonard Inc., a bicoastal business that serves both Houston Texas and Los Angeles California. Her scope of practice includes physical fitness, nutrition counseling, lifestyle coaching and holistic naturopathic remedies for healing. She is the editor-in-chief for The Well Life Magazine, a lifestyle brand reaching a global audience of over 1.3 million readers. Her motto is “Change Your Mind Change Your Life”. Women are embracing her teaching and belief system of aligning the 5 areas of wellness to maximize their lives. Miss Leonard aka Miss Body Fierce has dedicated her career and studies to educating the masses on how to transform their lives body, mind, soul and spirit. She shares with conviction that the body was designed to heal itself. She has a special program called "Foods that Heals" of which she works with patients of special disorders to reverse their diagnosis. She has been recognized by US Congress as an influential woman receiving recognition for her leadership in health and wellness in our communities and across the nation. Her most recent credit is the launching of a national wellness tour dedicated to women. This tour serves women in health and lifestyle management. The Body Fierce Wellness Tour was recognized as being the first national wellness initiative of its kind. LaShanna Leonard Inc. is set to make its global imprint in 2018. Stay connected with LaShanna at

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